Tai Chi practice in Cotati Plaza Park 9am Saturdays.

Royal Form 108 Steps
Stretches and Warm-ups
Walk Like a Cat

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Myself in Cotati:
Royal Form 1st Quarter Video
Royal Form 2nd Quarter Video

Zhao Yuobin:
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video of class

Peter Tam Hoy performs Taijiquan 108, Tung style in three parts:
part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Receiving Starlight

Stand comfortably.
Imagine light from the many stars overhead entering through the top of the head (baihui).
The light travels through the neck, chest, torso, waist, hips, legs, out the soles of the feet, and into the ground.
As it descends, it goes through all the internal organs.
Optionally, use hands to guide imagination, reaching up and slowly bring the light through the body.
The light feels refreshing, soothing, and peaceful.
Repeat about ten times.
Al Chungliang Huang does a similar exercise imagining cooling rain water.
[how is it?]